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This highlights another unique element of Masterwriter 's rhyming dictionary it includes a vast collection of product names, place names, famous people, film titles and. The inclusion of so many phrases and pop-culture references is nice, but it's the ease of use that really makes the difference. You're encouraged to assign a musical Style and a Status to each song, from a pop-up list you have to populate yourself. To be precise, what greets you is a blank Song List, which is the top level. No features added, rhyme Genie TuneSmith, rhyme Genie is today's most advanced rhyming dictionary (multi-syllabic rhymes, near rhymes, syllable matching synonyms, related words). If you're familiar with the Windows Wordpad utility, you'll have a pretty good idea of what's available here in terms of formatting, fonts and. Lyricist, lyricist combines everything you need for lyric writing, chord charting, and archiving into one package. But what can you do when lyrical inspiration just refuses to strike? Well, come to think of it, most of the time I'll produce nothing whatsoever. AI powered, lyrics, lazyjot, mark where the beat hits, generate multisyllabic rhymes, see rhyme and syllable highlighting in your lyrics.

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Compared with the endless cross-referencing and page-thumbing involved in using a printed rhyming dictionary, it's a breath of fresh air. Pros Rhyming dictionary is a real advance over the existing alternatives. This seems to work, but unlike the other functions, I found it rather pointless in practice. On my machine it refused to do anything with an RTF file, and crashed when confronted with a plain text document, though it is of course easy enough to select text in another application and paste it into. It's genuinely informative and does an excellent job of showing off the program's features. How much use it will be in a court of law, I don't know. Masterwriter, especially given that the Song List is ordered according. This isn't too much of a problem in practice; more annoying is that neither the rhyming dictionary nor the spellchecker will recognise British English spellings. Masterwriter ; if you input an existing song, there's no way to enter its actual date of creation. Cons The Song List is frustratingly inflexible.

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There's no visual indication that recording is taking place, such as a level meter or timeline. There are probably more urban myths about copyright than any other issue in music. This information falls into three categories. There's no manual, as such, but the program incorporates a decent interactive Help system. Clicking on the Lyrics tab takes you to what is, in essence, a very simple word processor (see screen overleaf). Masterwriter will automatically create and update some of the song information, such as dates of creation and last revision. Strangely, though, there's no way to sync the playback of already recorded audio files with the playback of drum loops, so the latter's only use is as glorified click tracks when recording. When you select a song in the Song List, or create a new one, the other tabs stop being greyed out, and you can get to work channelling the spirit of Noel Coward.

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The rhymes, phrases, ideas, and information contained in MasterWriter's reference dictionaries, along with the unique features provided, are intended to inspire. Depending on which tab you click, this will take you to various bits of the rhyming dictionary, the thesaurus or the conventional dictionary. Double-clicking on entries in the list of rhyming words 'collects' them for future reference, and the Collect tab's Show Lyrics button divides the Masterwriter window in two, allowing you to view the main word processor screen alongside a list. The cool stuff becomes apparent when you select a word and click on one of the tabs in the top row. For example, if you search on a word beginning with a hard 'c' or 'k you get some 56 pages of results, each containing over 100 words or phrases, and there's no useful way to filter these down. If you're not a native English speaker, it will certainly help expand your vocabulary and even general knowledge. The Song Info tab allows you to edit this metadata.

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Masterwriter in the first place, which is a bit self-defeating. I'm not convinced that this paranoia is really justified it's hard enough to get the bigwigs of the music business to listen to your music at all, let alone rip it off but it's pretty widespread. The Soundalikes list shows examples of word forms that are not perfect rhymes, but might be close enough to work in your song; selecting an entry in the list shows all the other words of that form. To use the word 'steady' as an example once again, a Phrase search yields 12 results, ranging from 'A drink to steady the nerves' to 'Steady as she goes'. Masterwriter will also store publishing information for each song, including the names of each author, their percentage of the spoils, the names of their publishers and. If there is an argument, you can then use a Songuard registration as evidence of prior authorship.

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Once again, it's all too obvious which side of the Atlantic the designers live, and speakers of non-American English will need to be a bit sceptical of some of Masterwriter 's suggested rhymes. To add a very British expression to their dictionary of phrases, Masterwriter is a bit of a curate's egg. Pencraft, pencraft is an AI-powered, feature-rich app that helps writers unleash their creativity. Interface can be clumsy, and windows can't be resized. The idea behind strategies like sending sealed Jiffy bags to yourself is to create evidence that the song was already written before the postmarked date on the bag, and Masterwriter 's Songuard page is a somewhat more hi-tech version of the same idea. As it is, most of those categories don't even exist.

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Masterwriter's Song List displays all your songs in either alphabetical order or date order of the most fundamental level, Masterwriter acts as a database that can collect together all the various kinds of information that might be associated with a song. I've never heard of the Jiffy bag approach benefiting anyone except the Royal Mail, and Masterwriter told me that as yet, there have been no cases where Songuard has been called in evidence. I'd go so far as to say that I can't really imagine a better rhyming dictionary: if you don't find this one useful, you'll never find one that. Allows you to collect together most of the relevant information about the authorship and recording of a song. As it is, all you get is a needlessly wide column for the title and needlessly narrow ones for your description of the song and the Group to which it's assigned so narrow that you can see. Songuard may help to establish authorship in case of dispute. Again, this is a fairly simple challenge that is handled pretty well by applications such as iTunes, so I hope things will improve in future versions. Skip to content, home admin T02:59:2400:00, whether youre writing a song, poem, script, novel or blog, MasterWriter will unlock all that the English language has to offer, and will help you to express yourself in a unique and meaningful way. Another playback-related oddity is that the volume of the audio file defaults to zero.

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Another obstacle for those who want to add existing material. This is thoughtful of it, but the problem is that it only stores the date you entered the song into. The other is that, on the Mac version at least, there are no printer options whatsoever, and Masterwriter always insists on working to US Letter paper size. The Song List has the potential to be a really useful tool for managing a large catalogue of work, but in its present form, it really isn't flexible enough. No way of changing printer settings, including the default US Letter paper size. Of these, the most important is probably the rhyming dictionary. Likewise, a few simple changes to Masterwriter 's interface could make a big difference to its ease of use, and issues such as the lack of printer options need to be addressed pretty urgently if it's going to become popular outside the United States.

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When you've Collected some rhymes and phrases, you can view them in context and add them to your lyrics. You can select mono or stereo recording, and a range of sample rates, but any other parameters have to be set up using the Mac's Audio midi Setup utility. Buying Masterwriter gives you free access to Songuard for a year, up to a maximum of 180 submissions, and after that you can choose whether to subscribe for longer. Songuard is not yet tested in the courts. That being the case, it's frustating that some of the other elements of the program are lacking. The good thing is, it's a powerful but easy to use tool which enables you to navigate to your desired section instantly. Masterwriter is not primarily a recording program, but it does include a very basic audio recording page, which might be useful for those occasions when you want a scratchpad for demo ideas.

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There's an extensive library of well-known phrases. As it stands, the only way to notate a guitar chord is to insert a blank line, tab to the right place and type 'C or whatever, and chord symbols added in this way get queried by Masterwriter 's spellchecker. Masterwriter includes a basic audio recorder. Using Songuard is certainly a lot easier than posting Jiffy bags to yourself a couple of clicks and it's done, with a receipt emailed to you if you want. Alternatively, you can import audio files in WAV, aiff, Quicktime and MP3 formats, and I suspect this will be more useful to most people. The bottom half of the screen keeps track of all the saved audio files associated with the currently selected song.

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However, I can't help feeling that this program removes the spontaneity of the creative process although it's a great cure for writers block. The end result is Professional Quality Lyric Sheets and Chord. Masterwriter 's song database. As well as recording and importing audio into. I do have a couple of reservations, though. The Lyrics editor is a basic word processor. Masterwriter, a Mac- and PC-compatible program intended to help our creative juices flow as freely as possible.

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