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Bank/at, in a bank: die Bank/bei der Bank, in einer Bank Factory/in a factory: die Fabrik/in einer Fabrik Highrise/in a highrise: das Hochhaus/in einem Hochhaus Office/in an office: das Bro/im Bro, in einem Bro Skyscraper/in a skyscraper: der Wolkenkratzer/in einem. It is important that you adopt an inquisitive approach towards learning, and find the meaning of any business word that you are currently unfamiliar with. Use a formal tone where appropriate, and make sure the language you use helps to clearly convey the information. This eBook is essential reading for potential job-seekers. Der Wirtschaftsprfer, certified public accountant (CPA). Der Spekulant (- en ) Stock exchange/market die Brse (- n ) Subsidiary die Tochtergesellschaft (- en ) Tax die Steuer (- n ) (Caution!

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Further Reading from Skills You Need. These programs are often hosted by experts in the field and therefore can prove to be an important source of valuable information and knowledge as well as vocabulary terms. These games can allow you to enhance your business vocabulary while ensuring that the learning process is fun and engaging. This is a guest post for Skills You Need. Der Steuerberater, tax accountant (certified tax advisor).

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Vielen Dank im Voraus!8 Mit freundlichen Gren signature Johann Mustermann Translation: Subject: Hotels in Kirchdorf 4 Dear Sir or Madam, Would you kindly send me a list of the five hotels (middle category) in your location? Das Bargeld Cash advance der Vorschuss Cash dispenser/machine der Geldautomat Cash or charge? And that applies to businesses as a whole, too: a recent study conducted by Bersin and Associates reveals that organizations that are able to communicate their strategies in a clear and precise manner are 113 times more likely to achieve higher. Zahlen Sie bar oder mit Karte?   The core translation which follows each phrase acts as point of reference rather than as a direct equivalent. Der Handel, die Geschfte pl Transaction.

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Increase Your Vocabulary, improving vocabulary is key in mastering the specialized words used in business language. You can easily improve your vocabulary through training software that offers a comprehensive range of exercises. Die Bilanz (- en ) Balanced adj. Die Steuerberaterin (- nen ) Client law der Mandant (- en die Mandantin (- nen ) Client der Klient (- en die Klientin (- nen ) Client, customer der Kunde (- n die Kundin (- nen ) Credit, loan. Conversing in German is one thing, but conducting business in German if you're not a native speaker can be a bit challenging. In addition, I am interested in information on bus trips to local attractions in July. A business dictionary can prove to be particularly helpful, since you'll be able to find the complete meanings for new terms and their relevant usage within business communication. It is therefore imperative that anyone who wants to succeed in business, managers and workers alike, focuses on improving business language skills. Business language skills are critical needs in this modern era of globalization and cut-throat competition.

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Die Bilanzprfung (- en die Rechnungsprfung (- en field audit (tax) die Auenprfung, tax audit die Steuerprfung. Kann ich eine Nachricht hinterlassen? Sprache Aktiv, language in Use *   To complete the alphabetical dictionary, you will find in this section phrases and idioms divided into 27 topics to help English speakers to communicate more easily in German. I'd like to speak with./Mrs. Die Bank (- en ) Board. It's critical to have these language skills if you want to have a successful career. Interest bearing mit Zinsertrag Interest rate der Zinssatz (- stze ) To bear/pay 5 interest 5 Zinsen ertragen Investment die Kapitalanlage (- n die Investition Investment guidelines die Anlagerichtlinien (pl.) Investor der Anleger (- die Anlegerin (.

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Maier: Sehr geehrter Herr Maier, Lieber Herr Maier, (less formal) Dear./Mrs. Audit division/office der Rechnungshof, audit. Read Business-Related Material, you can significantly enhance your vocabulary by reading a wide variety of material related to your field or business. Der Vorstand, der Ausschuss, das Gremium Board of directors der Vorstand To be on the board im Vorstand sitzen / sein Board of governors der Verwaltungsrat / der Aufsichtsrat Board of trustees der Beirat Board meeting die Vorstandssitzung. The examples have been selected from a wide variety of different sources: fiction and non-fiction, magazines and newspapers, business and personal correspondence, and spoken material gathered from real-life conversations, radio and television programmes.

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You can use free word-search puzzle generators to create your own games, if you can't find one specific to your field. An employee that has competency in business language skills is likely to be able to climb up the career ladder with ease. Learning commonly-used business idioms and abbreviations can also enhance your vocabulary. Can I leave a message? ) Interest die Zinsen. Die Globalisierung Globalize. Globalisieren Global trade der Welthandel Gross. Watch Business-Oriented Programs, watching programs that focus on business is an excellent way to improve language skills, because the people in those programs will be using key terms frequently and correctly.

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